Two canyons

There are seven canyons in Montenegro, different by its size, but with the same exceptional beauty.

This journey starts from the coast, going through the mountains and valleys, next to the national park Skadarsko Lake. After that, it goes through Podgorica- the main administrative and economical centerof the Republic. Later on, we climb up to the high mountain ranges odDurmitor and Bjelasica.

The next part of the journey goes through the canyon of the river Moraca, where we take a short break to visit Moraca Monastery, which is a monument of medieval culture.
Famous river Tara’s canyon is what follows, which is the second deepest canyon in the world, right after the canyon of Colorado.

Tara Riverwas listedbyUNESCOas anatural reservationand rareoasisof untouchednaturein the1980. There willbe a unique opportunityto seeĐurđevićamost- the view of riverTara which connects thetwocliffs, offersan incrediblepanorama.

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