Trip to Dubrovnik

All-day-trip.A winding road along the enchanting Boka- Kotorska bay leads to the Croatian customs, which is 40 kilometers away from Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik-most refinedand sophisticated city in Croatia,striking in its beauty and size. As a part of World Heritage List and under the protection of UNESCO, this city will leave you breathless with its harmony and peace. Walls of the old town, which have been built for six centuries and which are from six to twenty meters wide, protect numerous architectural and cultural masterpieces, such as St. Vlah’s Church, Sponza Palace, The Rectors Palace, St. Saviour Church, Franciscian Monastery, and St Blaise’s Church.

Walking through the city’s narrow streets is an adventure for itself, since you can feel the atmosphere of the antic times.

Afterlong wandering and sightseeing, there is plenty of time to walk through the fortress, which offers a fantastic view of the city and the islands, or to enjoy your afternoon coffee in some of the local cafes in the main street of the old town- Stradun.

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